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When Valentine’s Day comes around you might buy your sweetheart chocolate, you might give them lots of kisses, or you might hit them with a pillow.

That’s what happens every Valentine’s Day in Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. Hundreds, if not thousands, of pillow-wielding individuals appear in the plaza to prove their pillow prowess. I went a few years ago and had the time of my life inflicting (very minor) harm on complete strangers with my pillow. Those participating can choose to go 1 on 1 style and go it alone or band together with their friends to charge a group of enemy pillow people. I highly recommend you attend, though choose your opponents wisely-some people do get hurt so I wouldn’t attack anyone twice your size or who looks like they’re a little rough. The vast majority of attendees are honorable pillow warriors though so there isn’t much to fear. Warning: you might leave the event covered in feathers. 

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Tis the season… to ride the SF streetcars!

Every December the street cars run special tours on certain evenings, typically beginning around 5-6 and last about two hours. Passengers board the decked-out streetcars in Union Square and ride them to the sounds of Christmas music the conductor plays through the speakers. Certain conductors offer more historical insight  as you pass various sites in the city than others, but all are friendly and encourage passengers to get into the holiday spirit by donning the free santa hats given to all of them at the start of the ride. Riding the streetcars for Christmas has become one of my family’s holiday traditions and though we’ve gone many times already, we enjoy it every time. My daid’s favorite part is testing the conductor’s knowledge of the city against his own so if you go and hear a man yelling from the back of the streetcar, you’ll know who is on the car with you.

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Anonymous: Hey guys, awesome work so far! I really can't wait to look out for those places the next time I'm out in the city. I was wondering, do you guys think in the future when there are more posts that you'd tag and/or organize them according to what they are (like 'food', 'tourist site' etc.)?

Sophia says:

Thanks so much! That’s a great idea, we’ll start doing that now. Thanks for the suggestion! 

Tartine Bakery is DEFINITELY the place to go if you’re on Guerrero Street or near the area. With lines usually out the door and around the shop, be sure to come early to snag something savory. This bakery is run by a pastry chef and a baker (who are married to each other) so you know you’re in for a real treat (literally!). They always have fresh bread and delicious pastries, such as lemon cream tarts and eclairs. Tartine also specializes in cakes, including their devil’s food cake and their chocolate souffle. Check out their Christmas menu for ginger puddling loaf, almond tea cake, and soft glazed gingerbread. Remember: come early and with an empty stomach! 
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Website: www.tartinebakery.com
If you’re craving some amazing pizza for an amazing price, go to Powell Street Pizza & Pasta! They sell whole pizzas as well as sliced and the various flavors I’ve had here have all been equally delicious. Judging by the plates of eaten pasta strewn across the tables I feel comfortable assuming they do their pasta well, as well! Located across the street from Union Square, it’s easy to find and easy on the wallet. 
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Craving a slice? Escape From New York Pizza always has fresh, hot pizzas that are just too delicious to resist. They always give you generous slices, and each bite feels like the first time. Don’t miss the opportunity to have some of this pizza. You won’t regret it! 
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Website: http://www.escapefromnewyorkpizza.com/

Check out their website to see which location is closest to you! 
Who doesn’t want a fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie every once in a while? Or even more frequent than that, for that matter? Stop by Anthony’s Cookies on Valencia Street and prepare yourself for cookies that will practically melt in your mouth. These cookies may be small, but they are mighty delicious. And don’t be surprised if you take a step back the moment you walk through the door because it is everything you’ve ever hoped for: a sweet, perpetual cookie aroma. Breathe it in and have a bite or five!
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Website: http://www.anthonyscookies.com/

Be sure to check their website for when certain flavors are available! For example, German chocolate cookies and walnut chip cookies are available on Thursdays! 
Daily flavors include: cookies and cream, classic chocolate chip, white  chocolate chip, whole wheat oatmeal raisin, and toffee chip.
I have personally tried the classic chocolate chip and it was amazing. I wish I had savored it more but I simply could not help myself from devouring the thing. 
Feeling a little tired and need a pick-me-up? Head over to Ritual Coffee Roasters on Valencia Street and grab yourself a cup of coffee! This place has a wonderful environment, with friendly staff who is well-versed in the art of roasting coffee, as well as great music that will contribute to an amazing coffee experience. Drink up! 
Photo from Google Images.
Website: http://www.ritualroasters.com/